Steps in Making a Book Review

A book review is used to provide the readers with an overview of what to expect in the book. It is crucial for an individual to focus on important issues raised in the book for a proper book review. The opinion of the book is provided in the review by describing and analyzing the subjects provided by the author. An appropriate analysis of the major concerns in the book assists the reader of the review to come up with extensive information about the book. Below are the steps to follow in coming up with a successful book review.


Book introduction

The book author, title and publishing information are needed in the introduction to offer the readers with detailed information on the book. It is necessary to understand the preface page in acquiring the needed information in the introduction. The preface provides the book reviewer with clear information on the author’s intentions in writing the book. The book is supposed to be informative for a particular group of people.


The scope of the book is provided in the introduction where the author has the targeted readers of the book. The subjects in the book vary depending on the targeted audience hence vital to offer information on the targeted readers. In the introduction, one is supposed to provide the table of content which shows the way the book is organized.


Summarize the book content


In coming up with a proper summary of the book, one is supposed to read the entire book. After the reading one should identify the field of the book to provide a suitable review to the readers. The main issues of the book are provided considering the different topics in the table of content. The summary should provide information on every topic that is in the book for an improved understanding to the readers. The book review should capture the main points of the author to the targeted audience. The summary should have a thesis statement which provides a reflection of the book and assists an individual on what to expect from the book.


Provide your opinion


The book opinions are provided considering the targeted audience of the book and the review. It is essential to come up with opinions based on personal experience to make it acceptable in the book review. The comments in the book provide information on whether the book has satisfied the needs of the reader. Opinion section should consider the format and price of the book to make it known to the author. The price of the book is supposed to offer value for money to the buyer by having information that satisfies the reader’s desires. For example if you’re writing about hot yoga body changes, make sure you give a personal take on it. 


Offer recommendations


The recommendation is made by suggesting improving the content in the book to increase purchase. It is essential for the author to consider the suggestions from the book review for an increased sales volume to the targeted market. It is crucial for the review to justify that the information provided is similar as in the book. The justification of information is meant to offer quality points of the book to the potential readers.